Get ready for Spring!

Get ready for Spring! As the weather warms up it’s a good idea to get your Lillypillies and Murraya hedges a prune back. This helps to maintain size and shape and encourages fresh new growth. For those larger jobs that you need assistance with, give our friendly staff a call to arrange a no obligation quote on 38292331.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is a term used to describe a process of reducing the height of a tree.  This practice can damage the health of a tree in a number of ways.  When a tree is lopped most of the foliage is removed which has the effect of temporarily starving the tree.  In response the tree will send out shoots from latent buds in an effort to restore its stability.  This forced rapid re-shooting is called epicormic growth.  A qualified arborist would never recommend this approach as this stresses and weakens the tree making it more vulnerable to pests and disease.  Fast growing epicormics can shoot up to six metres in some species but are not anchored as normal and are prone to breaking.  These will need pruning back in a few years or the tree itself will have to be removed because of its weakened state. If you are concerned about the size of your trees and they need reducing or removal, please call Family Tree Care to make a obligation free quote.

Pruning Fruit Trees in Winter

Winter is the best time for pruning deciduous fruit trees when the trees are dormant and when insect populations are suppressed by cooler temperatures.  The beneficial reasons for pruning are:

– to encourage structural strength which is especially important as heavy crops of fruit can break branches,

– its beneficial for the health of the tree as dead, diseased and damaged branches can be removed,

– thinning branches allows light and air to circulate for proper fruit development,

– keeping fruit trees at their maximum size will produce the greatest amount of fruit,

– keeping the trees smaller makes it easier to pick the fruit,

– to enable a shape to be formed such as shade, patio, hedge, screen or espalier.

Family Tree Care’s qualified Arborists will be able to advise and assist you on the best methods and times for tree pruning your fruit tree species.

Qualified and Insured Arborist

Would you let an unqualified electrician in your home to work on your electrics?  Of course the answer is NO and that should be the same for any trade.  There are many ‘tree lopping’ companies claiming to have the knowledge and skills to undertake your tree maintenance but if questioned they are not qualified or insured! Be wary of accepting the cheaper quote, always check their qualifications and insurances.  Our Cert 5 Arborist is available to provide free no obligation quotes for your tree maintenance and removals plus our work is fully insured.  Feel free to give our friendly staff a call to arrange an appointment on 0738292331.

Autumn Pruning

March signals the start of Autumn and the beginning of more comfortable temperatures! Small natives should be coming to the end of flowering around this time, so now is a good time to get them pruned. Pruning encourages new growth and a good shape to form and also allows for deadwood to be removed. If your trees require attention, please give our friendly staff a call on 0738292331