Tree lopping is a term used to describe the process of reducing the height of a tree.  This practice can damage the health of a tree in a number of ways.  When a tree is lopped most of the foliage is removed which has the effect of temporarily starving the tree.  In response, the tree will send out shoots from latent buds in an effort to restore its stability.  This forced rapid re-shooting is called epicormic growth.  A qualified arborist would never recommend this approach as this stresses and weakens the tree making it more vulnerable to pests and disease.  Fast-growing epicormic can shoot up to six meters in some species but are not anchored as normal and are prone to breaking.  These will need pruning back in a few years or the tree itself will have to be removed because of its weakened state. If you are concerned about Tree Trimming Brisbane,  please call Family Tree Care to make an obligation-free quote.