Winter is the best time for pruning deciduous fruit trees which is the process of removing selected branches of a tree when the trees are dormant and when insect populations are suppressed by cooler temperatures.  The beneficial reasons for pruning are:

– to encourage structural strength which is especially important as heavy crops of fruit can break branches,

– its beneficial for the health of the tree as dead, diseased and damaged branches can be removed,

– thinning branches allows light and air to circulate for proper fruit development,

– keeping fruit trees at their maximum size will produce the greatest amount of fruit,

– keeping the trees smaller makes it easier to pick the fruit,

– to enable a shape to be formed such as shade, patio, hedge, screen or espalier.

Family Tree Care’s qualified Arborists will be able to advise and assist you on the best methods and times for tree pruning your fruit tree species.

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