Terms & Conditions

All Quotes are valid for 30 days.  Client to ensure that the environment of the works area does not change between quote and works schedule date e.g. changing of ground levels, installation of structures, fences, sheds etc. this may affect cost.

Please read the scope of works carefully to ensure it covers what is required, there will be no changes to the scope unless advised prior to scheduling of works.  All works conform to Australian Standard – 4373.

All scheduled work is weather dependent. ALL timeframes provided are subject to weather conditions, access and any additional requirements to proceed being supplied by the client e.g. local council approval in writing, prior to commencement of works.  NOTE: Emergency call outs may take priority over scheduled work.

Day Rates – Based on supply of 3 person crew, truck, chipper.  Rate applies from arrival time until departure from site (e.g. includes set-up/clean-up) minus any staff regulation breaks (if applicable).  Travel time may or may not apply. Hourly rates – minimum of a 1 hour charge, after this the rate is charged in 15 minute increments.

Removal – all removals are down to as low as a chainsaw can get – unless otherwise stated, stump grinding is additional.

Poisoning – one application of poison only is made at the time of works, we cannot guarantee against re-growth.  We recommend the client re-applies a poison if concerned about re-growth.

Pruning – All works conform to Australian Standard – 4373, unless client specifically requests pruning outside of this standard – this negates AS4373 and we cannot guarantee against regrowth.

Stumps:  Stump Grinding – standard depth is up to 200mm below original ground level, roots are NOT chased.  Grindings are not removed.

CLIENTS/OWNERS RESPONSIBILITIES: (No liability taken for items that are owners’ responsibility)

Council Approval: Written Council approval for tree removal/reduction prior to works commencing (if required).

Vehicles/Pools/Spas/Solar etc: Ensure adequate cover and protection against dust, debris etc.

Pots/Planters/Ornaments/Plants/Furniture/Clotheslines etc: moveable items must be relocated by the resident away from the works site prior to commencement.

Vegetation: all vegetation beneath or around work site may be impacted by works, no liability taken for broken/damaged vegetation.

Stump grinding:  ALL stones/rocks are to be removed from the area to be ground prior to arrival of grinder, if not removed the operator may advise that they will be unable to proceed due to possible damage to property/machinery, in this instance a travel charge will be applied. Grinding are not removed.

Services: Damage to any services that we are not made aware of e.g. telephone, water etc. prior to works.  If works are in close proximity to services these may be impacted e.g. water mains or trees growing through service lines.  If the customer requests us to proceed in the knowledge that damage could occur, the liability becomes that of the customer.

Structures – e.g. sheds, car ports, fences etc: trees/hedges/vegetation that have grown over structures – if there is no alternative other than to stand on a structure to enable works to be completed – if permission is granted by owner, there will be no liability for any damage to structure whilst performing works.

Pets! Safety and security of pets.  Please clean up any pet mess around work area prior to commencement, this is a Health and Safety issue.

Neighbours: Advise them prior to any works scheduled that may impact them – dust/noise etc.

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