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The correct pruning of a tree for its management can prolong its life and make yours safer.

Formative pruning is the process of selectively removing branches to improve a trees structure and health and is usually done from the initial pruning of young trees so they develop into strong, well-shaped trees. Many trees will naturally form their shape as they grow however others may need support to create a well balanced canopy of branches. This type of pruning is essential for fruit bearing trees as they need to have strong and balanced shape to better support heavy crops. Pruning during the winter months is usually best practise as it is easier to see the branch structure. Correct pruning of trees reduces the risk of being wind-blown and/or falling during stormy weather conditions. Family Tree Care’s qualified Arborists will be able to advise and assist you on the best methods and times for tree pruning your species.


The selective pruning and/or removing of lower branches of a tree to raise the height of the crown. There is increased distance between ground level and the lower canopy of the tree. Reasons this maintenance method is used are to create more light and space for gardens and lawns, enables access to the bottom of the tree and supports a balanced lower crown.


This method of selective pruning of a tree’s canopy does not reduce the overall height of the tree, it involves removing a number of secondary branches in a way that produces a balanced structure without altering the overall size and shape of the tree. This process is often undertaken to compensate for structural defects or simply to create more light and allow more air to flow through the canopy. More air and sunlight means a dryer environment which pests find harder to colonize and enhances plant growth beneath the canopy.


This is the process of cutting branches back to suitable growth points and allows the whole tree and crown size to be reduced while still maintaining the shape of the tree. It allows more space and light in your garden as well as controlling the tree’s size. Crown reduction is sometimes considered when the root systems of a tree has significantly decayed making it potentially hazardous. Note: It should not be considered as a preventative measure for storm or high wind weather as crown thinning is recommended for this. DEAD WOOD REMOVAL It is important to remove any dead or dying branches that pose a risk of injury to people or potential damage to property. Deadwood is created by the trees defence system and can either fall out or fall as a result of weather conditions. To minimise disturbances to any fauna habitat, larger dead wood branches can be safely reduced rather than completely removed. Our aim is to improve the health and general appearance of the tree by reducing risks of harm.

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