Stump Removal or Grinding

If we have removed a tree we can complete this service with stump grinding, or if there are old stumps around your garden that need removal we can do this too.

Stump grinding is performed safely and efficiently for removal of stumps, leaving the area clear for future landscaping.  The stumps are removed mechanically by a fully trained and experienced operator.  Stumps are removed up to 200mm below ground level.

Having your tree stumps removed eliminates the hazards and safety risks of an exposed stump.  Apart from removing a trip hazard, unwanted pests such as termites, ants and snakes may make a new home in your tree stumps!

So if you need a quote for tree maintenance in Redland Bay, Cleveland, Alex Hills or Capalaba, consider having a complete service by having the stumps removed with a stump grinder.  Call our friendly staff to make a no obligation appointment for a quote on your stump grinding.

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