Chip & Mulch Sales

We can supply fresh (green) chip & mulch determined by the trees that are being processed that day. Palm mulch is not considered good quality for garden mulching purposes. There are four important reasons to mulch:


  • Water conservation – mulch stops the top of the soil from drying out, it keeps the soil moist and can reduce watering by up to 60%.
  • Suppresses weeds – mulching can prevent weeds and weed seed germination. This keeps your garden tidier and your plants are not competing for precious moisture and nutrients.
  • Soil temperature – mulching helps to regulate the soil temperature as it acts as insulation.
  • Fertilises – the mulch will break down and the nutrients in the mulch are absorbed by the soil to feed the plants.

Our Services

As a professional Tree Care company we stand by our work and offer a range of services for all types of trees, from minor pruning to complete removal.


Free Quotes

Whether you need to remove a small tree or several trees from several properties we are always prepared to give a Free accurate quotation.


Safety & Insurance

Being safe onsite, protecting our team and your property is the most important thing to us, focusing on being safe produces a great result every time.