Palm Removal & Cleaning

Palm Removal – When palms have grown too big for their placement on your property or are dropping fronds and encouraging unwanted wildlife.

The removal of palm seed stops bats in your gardens and saves messy clean ups.

We would like to congratulate your company for sending us three professional young gentlemen who undertook the project at Ormiston House yesterday. They displayed total courtesy to our committee members who were on site. A job well done.

Ormiston House Friends and Advisers Committee

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As a professional Tree Care company we stand by our work and offer a range of services for all types of trees, from minor pruning to complete removal.


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Whether you need to remove a small tree or several trees from several properties we are always prepared to give a Free accurate quotation.


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Being safe onsite, protecting our team and your property is the most important thing to us, focusing on being safe produces a great result every time.